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You're not dreaming. Over 30 classic arcade games. Pinball. 11 craft beers on tap and over 40 in bottles. Cool people. Great live, local music. The world's best karaoke night. A serious board game collection for the terminally shy. And last but not least, the coolest bathrooms you'll see anywhere.

1984: where introverts come to be extroverts.

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Recent Updates

April 18th

Well, we couldn't find any more bands, but, we've decided that the people (that's you) deserve music! So we're having a no cover show featuring The Manson Family Jewels! They're going to play as long as they can, and you guys still get some tunes for your Friday night entertainment! And it's free! Snaps, bro. That's a deal. We're also going to run a special Friday night Randall infusion to celebrate the arrival of spring. 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermlon will be infused with chunks of honeydew and cantaloupe! It is going to be delicious, and you won't want to miss it. See you soon!

April 17th

We are looking for a couple of bands to play this Friday with the Manson Family Jewels due to a couple of cancellations. Please be over 21 and genre is not an issue. Please email us at 1984wilmington@gmail.com or send a message on the 1984 FB page. Thanks.

April 17th

Karaoke returns tonight with an unbridled passion usually not seen outside of Chupka's dungeon. DJ Drew's Super-Awesome Travelling Roadshow is gonna make you laugh, cry and maybe even puke tonight. Be there!

April 16th

What's up ladies and gents?! It is time for Rainbow Books & Music to present Wax Wednesday to help you get over that hump. DJ Gingeronimo will be all up in yo turntables playin all yo vinylz. Or something. Anyway, if you do bring vinyl, prepare to enjoy a dollar off some delicious craft beer and cider. I know it's been a rough week, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Come out tonight and see for yourself!

April 14th

Magic is in the air for mystery Monday. Come get all of magic Mike that you can handle while he serves you delicious mystery bottles for only four bucks! Starting....... Wait for it, waaaiiiit for it...... Now!

April 13th

It's a very special Sunday at 1984 tonight. It's Mike Chupka's birthday!! We are celebrating with a super-exclusive Sunday edition of Karaoke with DJ Drew. It starts at 8 PM. Come raise a glass and sing "She Blinded me with Science" with your favorite perverted uncle/forbidden crush (that one could just be me...). $1 off all drafts all night.

April 12th

Killer early show tonight. We are opening at 730.

April 10th

And on the 9th day, The Lord created DJ Drew and gave him a well-below-average member and a bitchin' falsetto. And The Lord said unto Drew, let there be karaoke and there was karaoke. And thus DJ Drew's Super-Awesome Travelling Roadshow came to pass at 1984 on Thursdays. And sometimes at the Applebee's on Kirkwood Highway. But I digress! A spiritual union between beer, bad singing and general tomfoolery will take place tonight at 1984! Beith there sayeth The Lord, who looks a lot like Chupka only sexier.

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